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Physical Therapy Services

Gait And Biomechanics

I use a series of simple movements to assess the ability of each joint and muscle to perform optimally designed around the activity your goals are focused on whether it’s walking, running, doing something athletic, or even simple things you do throughout your day.

Foot Posture And
Pressure Scan

The Healthy Swing Program has been designed specifically by our golf performance specialists here at Clinical Marketer PT. No matter your handicap, our specialists work with you to improve your swing and get you through your
round pain free.

Movement Improvement Programs

Not just exercises, we are focused on improving the quality of your movement to help each muscle and joint work well in isolation as well as with the rest of your body. In my opinion, this is the most important and powerful service that we offer because it empowers clients to take control over their recovery and keep progressing between appointments.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment using a thin filament needle to puncture skin and create tiny lesions in a muscle, tendon, or ligament to help restore normal physiology to improve flexibility, strength and
reduce pain.
Needling has many applications for a long list of diagnoses to treat what is referred to as myofascial pain. It has been shown to help with chronic pain, headaches, neck and low back pain, medial epicondylitis (tennis elbow), plantar fasciitis, muscle strain and tension, hip and knee pain, and shoulder pain.

Manual Therapy

As a physical therapist, I have been trained in several techniques over my career that are designed to speed your recovery by loosening tight muscles and stiff joints that are preventing normal movement or causing pain.

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