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Foot & Ankle

Dr. Dan Schumann, DPT,
Owner of PhysioBin PT

Is Pain In Your Ankles Or Feet Making It Hard For You To Walk, Run, Jump, Go Down Stairs, Do Your Job, Or Do Things Around The House?

Do These Words Fit You?

We’re here to help you find solutions that will last.

We Provide Care For The Typical Issues Related To The Ankles And Feet:

Primary Contributing Factors

  1. Impaired Mechanics: Reduced joint flexibility and muscle inflexibility can result in constrained range of motion. Weakness and muscular imbalances further undermine joint stability.
  2. Injuries: These arise from sudden tissue impacts or excessive stress on the affected area.
  3. Persistent Compensations: Prior injuries or apprehension of future damage could lead to the avoidance of exercising certain muscle groups, causing an excessive reliance on other tissues.

PhysioBin Physical Therapy Approach

Therapies for Ankle and Foot Concerns

Key Concepts To Grasp

  1. Natural Healing Process: Tissues possess inherent healing abilities, yet sometimes the body can get trapped in the inflammation phase during repair. Interventions may be needed to transition into the recovery phase.
  2. Underlying Causes of Discomfort: Discomfort often doesn’t correlate with findings from X-rays or MRI scans. Tissue injuries visible on imaging might not result in pain or functional limitations. Conversely, pain might arise without detectable imaging anomalies, frequently due to heightened sensitivity in nerve tissues.
  3. Post-Exercise Soreness: Experiencing soreness post-exercise isn’t necessarily negative; it’s a sign of true strength progress. To achieve genuine strength gains, slight tissue damage is necessary. As the tissue heals, it becomes more robust. Soreness aids in assessing whether the tissue is ready for increased load, needs to maintain the current level, or should have training intensity reduced until prepared.
  4. Achieving a Return to Activities: With proper education, sound mechanics, and gradual tissue conditioning, resuming previous or desired activities is generally attainable.
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