at PhysioBin, we Help…

…Runners who are in pain, having trouble recovering, and would like to have their form analyzed by someone who isn’t selling them a product.

…Busy moms, dads, and business owners who can’t be slowed down by pain, or too many visits to the therapist or medical doctor.

…People with back and neck pain who are stressed out because they can’t do their normal exercise, rely too much on pain medications, and are annoyed constantly throughout the workday.

…Those who suffer with knee and foot pain who are worried because they can’t walk normally and think they might need surgery or an injection.

So many people let a pain (big or small) creep into their lives and don’t realize how long it’s actually been that they’ve been struggling. We know it can be tempting to let things go and wait for that magical day when things will all of a sudden get better, BUT reality is that sometimes we need help from an expert. We also realize that you may have already seen a health professional, didn’t find it helpful, and are skeptical to try again with someone else.

Can you relate? We often hear from our clients that they…

  • waited for over a year and thought it would just go away.

  • went for physical therapy/chiropractic/massage in the past, didn’t get the relief they wanted, so they gave up not wanting to make the same mistake again.

  • tried some YouTube exercises or something their friend told them and it just made things worse.

  • thought that they would have to accept more aches and pains as part of getting older.

  • wish they hadn’t waited so long to start taking control of the situation.

If any of this sounds familiar, I would love to get on the phone with you. Many times I can give you some well needed information through a consultation so you can figure out what is wrong.

Forward Bend. I had to bounce to be able to touch the ground not too long ago.

Dan Schumann, DPT, OCS

My mother is a pediatrician and my father has a PhD in particle physics. I like to think that my chosen path has combined medicine and physics in becoming a physical therapist. I grew up in Wisconsin as a multi-sport athlete and, in high school, chose to pursue a career in physical therapy in effort to stay involved in athletics. During undergraduate and graduate school, I started participating in running and biking events, most notably the 2014 Boston Marathon and the Horrible Hilly Hundreds 100K bike ride. After spending time in Virginia, Oregon, California, and Arizona to seek out specialized training, I felt it was time to return home to Wisconsin to share what I'm most passionate about...helping people find joy in movement, through movement. 

Bulleted biography…

  • Dan Schumann, ATC, DPT, OCS

  • proud Wisconsinite, born and raised

  • State Tournament Participant in Soccer and Tennis

  • UW-Oshkosh, major in Athletic Training '09

  • Virginia Commonwealth, Doctor of Physical Therapy '12

  • Orthopedic Residency in Grants Pass, Oregon

  • Travel Physio in Arizona, Wisconsin, Nebraska

  • Boston Marathon, 2014

Specialty Trainings...