PhysioBin is a small private physical therapy practice in Wauwatosa, WI. We are focused on helping you identify and overcome physical restrictions that are holding you back from enjoying your life more completely. PhysioBin does not accept payment through insurance. We believe that this model allows us to provide higher quality personalized care. This is what you can expect from Physiobin...

  • All care is provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with advanced training as a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist.

    • You will never be handed off to other staff because your physical therapist needs to go treat someone else, or have less access to your therapist because your problem doesn't appear as 'complex' as someone else.


  • We can spend more time and energy with you.

    • We are less dependent on volume of clients than providers who accept insurance. We see 6-10 clients a day, not 12-20. 


  • Every time you come back, your appointment is different.

    • We expect to make improvements quickly. We try to find something new to speed your recovery every time you see us. 

    • Returning clients aren't put through the same exercise routine that can be done at home. 


  • You are in charge of your care...

    • You can see us whenever you want without the additional steps of seeing a medical doctor or getting approval from your insurance.


  • saving you time...

    • Starting physical therapy with less delay has been shown to help you recover more quickly.

    • We often see clients only once/week compared to 2-3, minimizing interference with work and your personal life.   


  • and saving you money. 

    • For people with a high deductible insurance plan, PhysioBin's cash rates are more affordable than the medical bill you'd pay going to a hospital system clinic. The savings could easily be hundreds of dollars over a few visits.

    • We strive to get you better in fewer visits, with fewer bills, and less time away from your source of income. 

    • You can submit for your Out-of-Network insurance benefits, so you can get reimbursed or have the bill applied to your deductible. 

    • You can pay with your pre-tax HSA/FSA, making PhysioBin a discounted service.


Our approach can be tailored for nearly anybody.

What tends to show up most often in the practice are athletes dealing with overuse/specialization injuries and people with nagging old injuries/surgeries that eventually stop them from doing what they want.

People will also find us post-rehab/therapies when they either have been discharged, or are frustrated with their previous experience in rehab/therapies. They may also have exhausted their insurance benefits, or be in need of services to compliment the work being done with another provider.

At PhysioBin, we explore human movement, therefore any moving human can see benefit from what we do. At the very least, I can promise you we are something different that you haven't tried before. If what you are doing currently isn't working out, perhaps you should try something different...try us.