Don't worry, we get asked a's pronounced /,fiz-ē-ō-bin/.

"Physio-" relating to nature and normal function, in this case, of the physical body. Many countries use the term physio-therapy, instead of physical therapy. 

"-Bin" comes from the physics concept of a boundary value problem. These problems are solved using only values within a set range of values. The metaphor at play here is that we all have tasks (problems) that our bodies need to solve every day. Based on our current physical abilities (boundary values), these tasks become easier or more difficult to solve. Boundary...Bound...Bind...Bin...PhysioBin

PhysioBin was derived to improve your physical boundaries and lessen the impact that pain and limited movement have in your life.

After years of dealing with restrictions dictated by insurance company contracts, I chose to change my own boundary conditions as a doctor of physical therapy to provide a valued service that is easy and economical to access.