Was that a placebo?

"I feel good! My body feels more energized now, but I don't understand why...is this a placebo?" 


The work we do is often very subtle and will often challenge someone's beliefs after they feel a positive change in response to a relatively small amount of treatment. It is a natural response to question how or why it worked, but it would be unfair to label this experience as a simple placebo effect. 

Our ultimate goal is to help people become more efficient in their postures and movements. In accomplishing this, we don't blindly look just at the thing that hurts and perform heavy handed massages and borderline uncomfortable stretches to that area. Instead, we look for several small things throughout the body and make little improvements that begin to add and build on each other.

Not fully understand why something feels better doesn't make it a placebo. We often hold onto thoughts, beliefs, and treatment approaches that we can understand, but those may be the same ones that are keeping us from making the next improvement.

Your brain is hardwired for perfection, so give your body some credit.

Your body knows how to listen to these subtle cues and can respond quickly if given the right input. PhysioBin physical therapy specializes in guiding your body through this process, exposing it to something new that gently challenges the status quo. 

Now, might there be some placebo effect purely from the fact that we are giving care and attention to your aches and pains and your belief that you should feel better? Of course, but that sounds like a win-win to me. 

Daniel SchumannComment