The body heals itself, but...

We can all agree that the body is an amazing thing.

It’s almost so amazing that when you consider its complexities, it can be quite daunting and when something goes wrong...we don’t always know why, or how to about figuring out why.

A body part that hurts is not always to blame, but when we have a part that hurts, it can be hard to look away from it. People typically start on doing stretches for it, trying to make it stronger, or trying to find ‘perfect’ posture it out of existence. Sometimes that works to help pain go away, but it often falls short.

People get stuck trying to figure out ‘what’s wrong with my knee’, rather than ‘what is it about my body that makes my knee hurt?’

A knee can hurt for many reasons. Some examples would be due to a foot problem, or from not having equal twisting motion in your spine (just 2 of many, many possibilities).

This process of looking into oneself and figuring this all out is not easy. You have to answer some tough questions like...

  • What should I start with?

  • How long should it take to get better?

  • Is it safe to do this exercise, or am I hurting myself?

  • How do I know if I’m doing the right things to get better?

The body can heal itself, but sometimes we need help to listen to what our bodies are telling us. Having someone interpreting for you to make sense and draw meaning of the clues your body is giving is a total game changer. It helps to rule certain things out and provide some direction to point the body in a better direction.

I know how difficult this process can be and that’s why I have worked hard find ways that make things as simple and painless as possible when I work with clients, as well as on my own injuries. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. PhysioBin tries to make asking for and receiving help as easy and possible.