Moving, not exercising to lose weight.

I've put on a few extra pounds this winter, which makes sense with the extra meat and fat I've been eating, but also because of my decreased activity level. I plan on losing the weight through switching to more seasonal foods and not relying on exercise. My goal is actually to be moving as much as possible so I don't need as much exercise. What's the difference?

In another blog written by Katy Bowman (, she discusses the difference between exercise and movement. An example she gave is this...

"Going for a mile-walk to strengthen your legs, burn some calories, and stretch your muscles is an example of exercise. Walking a mile to the store because you need to pick up something for dinner is an example of movement."

The difference is that you complete a separate task while you move, but exercising only accomplishes exercising. So how can we optimize our day so that we move more? For me, it goes something like this...

-Dishes need to be done...I can put them in the dishwasher, or hand wash them.

-The car door needs to be opened...I can push a button, or actually use the key.

-I have to walk from the car into the building...I can park really close, or far away.

-I need to go to be somewhere...I can drive or I can walk/ride my bike.  

-I need to throw garbage away...I can keep a bin in every room and under my desk, or I can have fewer bins that require me to get up and walk to them several times a day. 

-I need I can buy everything at the store, or I can start gardening. 

-I need to I can buy prepared food, or I can make my own meals. 

Everything on this list are tasks that I already am doing during the day, I'm just reworking how I complete them to allow me to move more and move often. There are so many conveniences that we take that are robbing us of an opportunity to be healthier. Our bodies were meant to move throughout the day and if we move very little for most of the day, a short bout of exercise is only going to do but so much to 'undo' our relative stillness. 

One objection to making these changes is that it takes too much time, but for me it can actually saves time. The more I move, the less I need to exercise. The more I move, the more I can accomplish.