Chronic Hamstring Injuries

Have you ever had a hamstring injury that just won't go away? It can hurt to run, walk, or even stretch.

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A young man I saw today understood all too well how much a hamstring injury can impact all areas of your life. He hadn't been able to workout, run, or much less walk normally for almost half a year. He walked with a limp and could hardly bend forward at the waist due to the pain he felt in this right hamstring.

After our evaluation we determined that his hamstring was actually not the problem and that the pain he was feeling was coming from an irritated nerve in the back of his leg. After a brief treatment with Primal Reflex Release Technique we had restored his full hamstring motion and improved his walking.

"My other physical therapist didn't do any of the things that you did! I haven't felt this good in a months."

Now, because he had been in pain for the last several months, unable to use his leg normally, he still needs to strengthen his hamstring. With more treatment and some unique hamstring exercises using Anatomy in Motion, we expect him to make a full recovery within a few visits for a problem that he's been battling for months.

Working with people like this young man are what makes the work I do so rewarding.