Changing Your Exercise with the Seasons

If you haven't noticed, it turned into winter earlier this week. I did a 13 mile run the over the weekend in shorts and a long sleeve shirt and today winds are 20+ mph and it's about freezing. I know there are some people that enjoy running in the winter, but for those of us that don't, winter is a great opportunity to shift into a different exercise routine.

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Was that a placebo?

Our ultimate goal is to help people become more efficient in their postures and movements. In accomplishing this, we don't blindly look just at the thing that hurts and perform heavy handed massages and borderline uncomfortable stretches to that area. Instead, we look for several small things throughout the body and make little improvements that begin to add and build on each other.

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Daniel SchumannComment
Running isn't bad for your knees and doesn't cause arthritis.

“The principal finding in this study is that, in general, running is not associated with osteoarthritis,” Dr. Eduard Alentorn-Geli, of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic...

This is belief is often held when people have knee pain with running or are new to running and aren't quite sure what they are getting themselves into. There are a lot of reasons someone can have knee pain and for each cause, there are different solutions...

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Why You Should Visit Your PhysioBin Physical Therapist Before Your Summer is Over

Summer is full of life and activities out and about trying to make the most of warmth and sunshine in Wisconsin. As you increase your activity level, you may find that you aren’t as physically capable as you once were. Or maybe you have been ignoring a nagging pain for far too long?

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Chronic Hamstring Injuries

Have you ever had a hamstring injury that just won't go away? It can hurt to run, walk, or even stretch. A young man I saw today understood all too well how much a hamstring injury can impact all areas of your life.

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